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Mobile - Clearing Cache & Cookies (Chrome)

There are times when your browser's cache and cookies need to be cleared in order to improve performance!

  1. Open Chrome, App Icon looks like this: (There is also a “Google” app and the below instructions are for Chrome ONLY)    
  2. Tap the three dots at the bottom right (…) if your phone orientation is vertical or top-right if your phone orientation is horizontal.
  3. Scroll down if necessary on that menu to find the “Clear Browsing Data” option and tap it.
  4. In this sub menu, you can choose numerous options from Browsing History, Cookies/Site Data, Cached Images and Files, Saved, Passwords, and Autofill Data. For our purposes here, you only need to select the “Cookies” and “Cached…” options.
  5. At the top you should see a “Time Range” selection. Most times it will default to “All Time” but it is recommended to select that option.
  6. At the bottom in red text is the “Clear Browsing Data” button which you can tap when ready.
  7. It will give you a checkpoint to which you need to select the red text of “Clear Browsing Data”.
  8. You should see a small window with a spinning circle and when completed, you will see the same Clear Browsing Data sub menu. At this point, you may click Done and return to normal activity. (If you were signed into Matrix prior to this step, you may be signed out and be asked to sign in again.)

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