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Matrix Mobile - Editing, Creating and Downloading Activities

Access the Activity List by clicking on the Activities button from the Quick Launch navigation on your home page or from the main navigation side menu item.

To Edit an Activity 

Locate the Activity, select it to open the Edit Activity page. This will allow you to make changes to the Activity. 

To Create a New Activity  

You can add an Activity from almost any page, but we suggest that you add an Activity from the Contacts page. Select Actions at the bottom of the page, then select + Activity. If you create the activity from the Contacts Page, the Contact field in the New Activity will fill in the Contact's name automatically.  

Activities are a big part of selling and knowing when/how to enter a good one is key to using Matrix! Rule of thumb, if it’s moving the sales process forward, TRACK IT! Matrix makes it easy to edit activities from a variety of locations such as the Activity List, Accounts, and Contact profiles. Plan for it, execute it, complete it! We’ll even initiate a call activity for you if you start the call from within Matrix so you’ll save even more time and track every touch point from the road!

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