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What is Best Practice for Account Executives with Activity and Deal Management?

For Activity Management:

Activity Defaults

1. Click My Profile –> Preferences tab

2. Set the slider option to YES for “Automatically download Activities”
3. Click SAVE

Activity Entry

1. Search for Contact Name via Global search icon (magnifying glass icon on the top right)

2. Click on the plus sign (+) within the “What’s Next” pod to add an activity

3. Fill out information as necessary

4. Click SAVE

For Deal Management:

Deal Defaults

1. Click My Profile –->Preferences tab

2. Set the TOP 3 OUTLET & Revenue Type (if applicable) combinations.

3. Set the Default office

4. Set a Default timeframe

5. Click SAVE

Deal Entry

1. Click Lists ->Accounts

2. Hover over the Advertiser name, click on the gear icon that appears on the far right, and choose Add Quick Deal.

3. Populate as necessary

4. Click SAVE

Deal Maintenance

1. Click Bird’s Eye View on the top of your screen

2. Click on the green dollar sign ($) next to the Advertiser name

3. Choose Quick Edit.

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