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Strata Integration Overview

Strata Integration

Objective: Eliminate duplicate entry of pending dollars. Continue to enter your packages and campaigns into Strata and then have them sent to Matrix via hourly API or feed where a deal is then created or updated.

A new deal can be created or an existing deal can be updated

- Click the traffic light to send your information to Matrix.

- Click on the probability to fill in information regarding the probability or weight.

- When you’re ready to send this information to Matrix, click the Send to Pending option. This will place the Strata information into a holding bucket where Matrix will check every hour for new information.


- The AE name, Advertiser Name and Outlet must match exactly 

- The pending dollars will display in Matrix under a deal in the form of (Accountname) “Strata Deal- Campaign”[date]).

- Matrix is designed to close win a deal overnight if the total pending amount = zero.

- If the AE name does not match, that campaign is ignored, and no deal is created.

- If the Advertiser name does not match, the account is created as a prospect and a new deal is created.

- If no outlets match, the avail / schedule is ignored, and no deal is created. If at least one outlet matches, the deal is created and lines without matching outlets are ignored.

Updates From Strata

- Once the deal is created within Matrix, the deals will continually be updated with new information from Strata. For example if you change the month or dollar amount in Strata, Matrix will reflect accordingly during the next sync.

Reconciliation in Matrix

- Once a Deal is 100% reconciled with Traffic information in Matrix e.g. Deal Status is “Closed”, Matrix will no longer accept updates from Strata so as to report the most accurate pending possible.

Deleting Packages/ Campaigns from Strata

- Deleting an avail / schedule in Strata will also delete it form Matrix during the next sync. 

Strata is the Primary (Matrix will always look to Strata when updating a Deal)

- A Matrix Deal that was created from Strata, has Pending updated to $1000 for June. The Strata Deal (same Account), has a revision done for June of $1,200. When the hourly update finishes, this Deal for June in Matrix will be changed to $1,200. 

- Continuing with the same example, if the June Billing for this same Account is imported for $1000 in Matrix and it Auto Reconciles to $200 for June, Matrix will continue to look for any Strata revisions for the length of the Deal until the Matrix Deal is CLOSED.

Strata Workflow - Matrix looks for Strata updates every hour.

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