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Work with the LinkedIn Pod

To view the LinkedIn Pod, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Contacts.  On the Contact list page, each contact's name is hyperlinked to its profile page. After clicking on a contact's name within Matrix, it will load the Contact Profile for that particular contact.  At the bottom left of the Contact Profile page there is a LinkedIn Pod.
Once you have granted permission to Matrix to integrate with your LinkedIn account, you can then add a contact’s LinkedIn address to their profile (manually or automatically). You will then be able to view your common connections in the LinkedIn pod.

Manually Add a LinkedIn Address

If you know the address of a contact’s LinkedIn page, you can add it to their profile. To add the page address, click the Edit the Contact button. In the LinkedIn field, type the contact’s LinkedIn address. Then, click the Save button. The LinkedIn pod will update. If the contact’s LinkedIn profile contains a picture, the image will appear in the Contact Information pod.

Automatically Add a LinkedIn Address

If you are unsure of the contact’s LinkedIn page address, you can use Matrix to search for, and then add a contact’s LinkedIn address to their profile. To do this, click the Set Automatically link in the LinkedIn pod. The pod updates with potential matches. From the list, click the correct contact. The pod updates with the connections. The Contact Information pod updates with a profile picture (if available), and the contact’s profile is updated with the contact’s LinkedIn address.

Personalize your Conversations

Do you want to have a better connection with your contacts on a professional level? Matrix can help you with that. Once you connect with a contact through the LinkedIn pod, you can take advantage of the Contact Feed feature. This live feed, accessible via the drop list menu in the pod, shows you the last ten LinkedIn updates posted by your contact. So, you can keep up with things that matter to them. Such as their job changes, profile updates, and articles that they posted. Before calling a contact, take a quick look at the feed, so that you can use the information to personalize your interactions. Taking the time to congratulate a contact on their new job or milestone will really show them that you care.

People of Interest

Do you have a less than abundant contact list for a particular company? Would you like to grow that list? With a little help from LinkedIn, you can go from having just one Matrix contact; to growing your address book -in just a matter of seconds!

In Matrix, when you connect to someone you already know through LinkedIn, you will now see a list of other people who also work at the same company that you are not connected with. Take a glance at the list. If you see someone that you want as a Matrix contact, simply click this link and they are instantly added to Matrix. As an added bonus, we automatically complete the new contact’s profile with as much information as we can. Imagine how quickly your contacts list will grow!


Access a Connection’s LinkedIn Page

Connections in the pod (including individuals, as well as groups) are hyperlinks appearing in blue, underlined text. Click a link to display a connection’s LinkedIn page.

Remove a LinkedIn Address

If you no longer wish to see common connections between you and a contact in the contact’s LinkedIn pod, click the Remove LinkedIn link (located at the bottom of the LinkedIn pod). When you click the link, the pod will clear, the contact’s profile picture will be removed from the Contact Information pod, and the Linked In page address will be removed from the contact's profile.

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