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Work with the Summary Pod

To view the Contact Information Pod, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Contacts.  On the Contact list page, each contact's name is hyperlinked to its profile page. After clicking on a contact's name within Matrix, it will load the Contact Profile for that particular contact.  You can use the History pod to review the details of a completed activity, and to add/store notes about a contact. The History Pod can be located at the bottom center of the Contact Profile Page. 

View the Details of an Activity

Click the subject of the activity, appearing in blue text. Edit any fields that you wish and Save.

Add a Note

You can add a note to a contact. This can be helpful when you need to add information about a contact that cannot be classified anywhere else in their profile.

  1. Click the Add a Note button
  2. In the text area, type your note, and then click the Save button.The new note appears at the top of the list in the History pod.

Filter the Summary Pod

By default, all completed activities (regardless of type), as well as Notes appear in the History pod. If you wish to see just certain items (i.e. all notes) in the list, you can use the filter option.

  1. Click the Filter drop list (located in the upper right of the History Pod).
  2. Click the All check box, to clear the checkmark. All checkboxes clear.
  3. Click the checkbox(es) of the item(s) that you wish to view. For example, if you just want to view just notes, click the Notes checkbox. The list updates.

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