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Work with the Last/Next Activity Boxes

To view the Contact Information Pod, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Contacts.  On the Contact list page, each contact's name is hyperlinked to its profile page. After clicking on a contact's name within Matrix, it will load the Contact Profile for that particular contact. Displayed in the top center of the Contact Profile page are three blue boxes with information regarding the activities and deals for this contact. 

View Last Activity

If an activity has occurred in the past for your contact, you can view the last completed activity in the Last Activity box. It will display the Activity name and date as a quick reference to the last time you’ve interacted with this person without having to dig for the information.


Add an Activity

If a future activity has not been scheduled with a contact, the Schedule One link will be available. To schedule an Activity from the Next Activity bubble, click the Schedule One link. This will allow you to create a new activity and affiliate it directly with your contact and his/her affiliated company.

Complete an Activity

If a future (incomplete) activity has been scheduled with the contact, the activity’s subject and due date will appear, as well as the words Mark as Complete, as a link. Click the Mark as Complete link to complete the activity. A message will display, confirming your action.

Open Deal(s)  Value

Displays the sum of the value of all open deals associated with the contact.  

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