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Deal Management - Activities

You can easily add activities to your deals and track all of your efforts to secure your next big sell !

Access the Deal’s Activities
Access the Deal Management page by selecting Deals in the menu bar located at the top of any page.
Select an account from the My Accounts list on the left.
To access the Deal’s Activities, click the Activities tab located at the bottom part of the screen, and the activities associated with the deal will display.

1-Add an Activity:

  • Click the '+' (Add an Activity) button. The Add an Activity dialog box displays.
  • Complete the Activity Type, Subject, Date, and Status fields, which are required (denoted by a red star) as well as any additional optional fields that you wish. It is recommended that you do not use the Email type. This is reserved for capturing emails from your email application in to an activity in Matrix.
  • Click the Save or Save & Add Another button.
  • View/Edit an Activity:Click on the Subject name of the Activity that you wish to edit/view and the Edit the Activity window opens which will allow you to review and/or make any changes. Click Save when complete.

2-View Incomplete activities : Activities will be listed in this tab and you can either mark them as complete or remove them if no longer needed
3-View Completed Activities :By default, the Activities tab displays the account’s Incomplete activities. Click the Complete button to view a list of completed activities.

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