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Street Level Overview

The Street Level is a page that contains several pods that alert you to your upcoming activities, closing deals, and churn accounts. It assists you with planning your week by helping you determine what activities need completed and which deals should be closing. You can access the Street Level page, by clicking Street Level from the Menu Bar.

  • What’s Next?This pod can display up to ten of your incomplete activities and will help you with tasks that are scheduled for clients. The list is sorted by Due Date, can consist of overdue, current, and future activities. From this view you can edit or delete the scheduled activity for the day.
  • Closing Soon: This pod contains up to ten of your open deals (pending or proposed) with an estimated close date within the next seven calendar days, or , deals that are past due and have not closed on the estimated closed date

Note: The accounts listed in this pod are sorted by estimated close (Est. Close) column and cannot be re-sorted. The Est. Close date will appear in red if the date occurred in the past.

  • Churn Accounts: List your accounts that generated revenue for the specified month last year but did not during the same month this year. The $ Last Year column shows how much revenue was booked last year for the account for the month displayed in the month column. If you are short on your goal, this can be a great place to look for potential business.

Note: An account will disappear from the pod if revenue is generated for the same month as last year. Also, an account will show up in this list multiple times if it booked revenue for different months last year.

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